Fans have been left REELING at the outcome of tonight's EastEnders 5 years ago

Fans have been left REELING at the outcome of tonight's EastEnders

Tonight's episode certainly did NOT disappoint.

Walford is far from a quite place, what with incest storylines, plot fails, affairs, murders and more.


The people of Albert Square keep many secrets and lies untold which inevitably unearth themselves as time goes by - just one reason perhaps why EastEnders keeps us so captivated and interested in every new episode.

One particular secret that has been uncovered this week is that Denise Fox is pregnant.

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Denise, who has had her fair share of heartbreak while living in Walford has been enjoying an affair with her best friend's son, Kush Kazemi.


Not telling her friend about the illict goings on, Denise discovered she was pregnant and feared the worst, thinking that the baby belonged to Kush.

Kush, having failed to have children in the past with his ex-wife Shabnam, looked hopeful in last night's episode as he heard that Denise was pregnant.

But tonight's show brought a massive plot twist to the British soap, as it was revealed that Denise's baby daddy is in fact... Phil Mitchell.

Fans of the show collectively groaned that resident alcoholic Phil, having just lost his mother Peggy in the last few months, now has a baby on the way.





Rather her than us, eh?