5 ways Girls Trip pretty much sums up everything we adore about movies 3 years ago

5 ways Girls Trip pretty much sums up everything we adore about movies

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When it comes to fantastic cinematic experiences, we have some key criteria to consider.


1) Great company (aka your best gaggle of girlfriends). 2) Some sustenance to keep us going (possibly popcorn and jellies). And finally 3) a pretty fantastic movie to talk about long after the closing credits.

Thankfully, we reckon we've found a seriously strong offering in Girls Trip - a number 1 comedy in Irish box-office which stars Jada Pinkett Smith and Queen Latifah.

A modern-day, laugh-out-loud classic? Quite possibly. In fact, here are the five reasons we reckon seeing it is a must:

1) Road-trip!

We love packing up and hitting the road - and Girls Trip is all about that: four lifelong friends rekindle their wilder days on a road-trip to New Orleans. Sounds right up our street.

2) They have the craic


The fabulous foursome - played by Regina Hall, Tiffany Haddish, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Queen Latifah - are well able to have the craic: think dancing, brawling, and romancing. Suffice to say this quartet would fit right into our own real-life crew.

3) #Throwback feels

The film depicts the once seriously close Flossy Posse who have not been united since their 1990s college heydays. Once they're reunited and on the road, however, the ladies learn valuable life lessons and how to embrace the brighter side of life. If you need an excuse to get the squad together and remind yourself of the good days you had in school/college/wherever - Girls Trip is it

4) Empowerment


The film revolves around the annual Essence Festival in New Orleans which celebrates black women... and the leading ladies are fairly kick-ass. An added extra? Think the likes of beads and parades, as well as cameos from Diddy, Ne-Yo, and Mariah Carey.

5) All the feels

With a friendship and on-screen chemistry that's amazingly strong, Girls Trip will make you appreciate the bond you have with your best gals.

Watch the TRAILER now.