I finished watching The Society on Netflix and I have a lot of questions 1 year ago

I finished watching The Society on Netflix and I have a lot of questions

It was a weird one.

One of my favourite things to do is binge watch a TV show. However, recently nothing has taken my fancy... but then The Society came along.

I love a good teen drama (One Tree Hill and The OC will have me hooked on teen dramas for life), but The Society is also a bit of a thriller crossed with sci-fi so basically it's everything I could want in a series.

I finished it last night - so if you haven't finished it please stop reading now because there are spoilers - and I have so many questions.

Here are a few that spring to mind:

1. Will the town of New Ham completely turn against Will and Allie?

So, Campbell came in and basically f*cked shit up at the end. Why people listen to him, I don't know. Obviously Harry has a drug problem and that's why he's following along, and Lexie is probably scared of him. But the rest of the town? They should know better.

He's always lurking behind, speaking up for Harry and Lexie so why is everyone not asking 'WTF is this?' and why are people being so cruel?

Will and Allie are prisoners now... so, is everyone going to turn against them? Will they escape? Grizz was clearly upset when he came back so will he try save them?


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2. What will happen between Grizz and Sam? And Harry and Kelly?

As Sam mentioned early on in the series, he was the only known gay guy in New Ham. He decided not to even think about finding love because what was the point? But then Grizz came along and told him he was gay too, and they fell for each other.

The pair make the cutest couple, and seemed so happy together. I was totally shipping their romance. But then Grizz found out that Sam is having (pretending to have) a baby with Becca and everything got a little messed up.

They shared a lovely moment before Grizz went off in search for new land, however when he returns shit is going down. The whole town has been turned upside down and I honestly think nothing will happen between him and Sam until everything gets sorted out.

But they're in love! This needs to happen!

There's also Harry and Kelly. They were all loved up at the beginning of the series but then went down different roads in the aftermath of arriving in New Ham. They clearly still care for each other by the end but will they get back together? Will Harry cop on and fight for her? Will she take him back?


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3. The dog

The damn dog. When the dog, Charlie, appeared in New Ham we honestly thought nothing of it. Sure, random dog that wasn't on the school bus magically appeared in the town but whatever, it was probably a stray.

We first saw Charlie with Cassandra just before she got killed. He ran away right before the moment happened and then wasn't seen again until a few episodes later when he turned up at Elle and Campbell's house.

We all think that Campbell killed the dog (probably, it is Campbell after all), however in the last few minutes of the last episode, we see Charlie chilling outside a library. A woman comes along and pets him - which turns out to be Allie and Cassandra's mam.

Yep, WTF. It's basically the show's most cryptic clue about what is going on. The town of West Ham is still there. Everybody is still alive and it's the teenagers that have gone missing.

So, what happened to them? Are they in another dimension? Did Campbell kill Charlie and that's how he ended up back in the real world? But what about Dewey and Cassandra? Are they back home? Do they remember what happened? So. Many. Questions.


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new theory: the dog runs this account

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4. Who is Pfeiffer?

WHO IS HE? Is he the reason the students are stuck in New Ham? Why is he doing it? Is he evil? Is it a political ploy? Is he blackmailing the parents? How did he get them there? Does he want money? Is he really the man behind it all? Or is that too easy?


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photobombers are the WORST.

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OK, so there's a lot of questions to be answered... but will they be answered?

Well, there's no word yet on whether season two is on its way, however that's normal for Netflix. The streaming service usually allows a month for a series to be out until it decides on another season. The Society was released on Netflix on May 10, so we only have a few days to go until we hear word.

But seriously, there has to be another season - we need all these questions answered.