Looks like Finn finally asks Paige to be his girlfriend on Love Island tonight 7 months ago

Looks like Finn finally asks Paige to be his girlfriend on Love Island tonight

Yes, mate.

Love Island has been pretty frustrating as of late.

There's been heads turning, Mikes prowling, and pretty much just a load of lads doing rather questionable things, really.

And then, amidst all of the chaos, the turmoil, and the incredible betrayals came a knight in shining armour.

His name was Finn Tapp, and he slept outside for three nights during Casa Amor because he's a good lad.

Finn and Paige's reunion was probably one of the more genuine and heartwarming of the series, as Finn practically bounded down the steps and Paige called him a "f*cker" for scaring her so much.

Wholesome, you'll agree.

And while this evening's episode of Love Island is sure to be filled with stress and snakes, it's also going to be filled with Finn plucking up the courage to ask Paige to be his girlfriend.

At least, that's what he appears to be doing. We're far past exclusive at this point, lads.

Later on, after the islanders have enjoyed a bit of entertainment from none other than actual Sean Paul, Finn whips out his phone and starts to compose a speech.

Caught in the act by Luke M, he admits that he has plans to ask Paige something fairy important.

And yeah, OK, we don't actually know for sure that he's going to ask her to be his girlfriend, but we can hope, alright?

We need something good in this world, after all.

Finn and Paige will be the first couple of this series of Love Island to make things official - and judging by the way things are going with the rest of them, they might just be the only ones at this rate.

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on Virgin Media Two.