First Dates contestant bravely shares abusive relationship story 7 months ago

First Dates contestant bravely shares abusive relationship story

"I wouldn't dare open my mouth."

A First Dates contestant has bravely shared her story of being in an abusive relationship while on a first date.

Sherie from Nottingham revealed this week on the Channel 4 dating series that she had had a hard time trusting men after a particularly bad relationship.

While on a date with a man named Richard, the 42 year old said that being with one of her exes was "torturous."

"I was in this relationship with this guy," she said. "I thought he was the bees bloody knees, absolutely loved him to bits. And then I sort of saw things change.

"But you know, when you're that loved up you're like: yeah it'll be alright, and you just ignore it.

"It just got to the point where it got really bad. It got really abusive."

Ahead of this, Sherie said in her piece to camera that she had long found it difficult to believe that all men weren't going to treat her the same way.

For a long time, she doubted that she was ready to start dating again. Until, she decided that she was.

"Now I'm fiercely strong, I'm confident, I'm really happy and I'm ready for love," she said. "I don't think all men are that bad."

At the end of their date, Sherie and Richard decided to remain friends - an outcome that both of them seemed to be quite happy with.

Stars, both of them.