First Dates Ireland are looking for single people to take part in the next season of the beloved show 1 year ago

First Dates Ireland are looking for single people to take part in the next season of the beloved show

If you know anyone that's single and might fancy it...

If you're all loved-up this Valentine's weekend with your partner, or if you've got plenty of admirers that are all head over heels for you, we're absolutely chuffed.


If you're happily single and more than happy to stay that way, we're also chuffed for you. After all, despite the madness that unfolded on The Late Late Show's Valentine's Day Special, it's just another day of the year.

This being said, a little bit of romance never hurt anyone. Well, St. Valentine might disagree with that statement!

Anyway, moving swiftly on.

Whatever status you might assign to your love life, there's no denying that First Dates Ireland has consistently provided viewers with a wonderful insight into the romantic lives of the Irish public.

In doing so, First Dates Ireland has established itself as one of the best shows in Ireland because aside from the funny, honest, and sweet moments that define any first dates, the show is excellent at handling the more sensitive subjects that are very rarely discussed.

Well, if you're single - or if you know anyone that is - and think that they'd be a good fit for the show, you'll be delighted to know that the show's producers are now looking for participants for next season.

Yep, aside from meeting maître d' Mateo Saina, barman Ethan Miles, and waiters Alice, Pete and Libby, singletons will also have the chance to find love as they enter the restaurant.


In terms of the details, the official listing states: "The singletons who visit the restaurant range in age from 20 to 70 plus. The unobtrusive cameras allow the daters to forget they are being filmed and start bonding... or not! The tables are set, the champagne is on ice, and the doors are ready to open up to welcome in a whole new set of singletons looking for love."

Further details can be found here and who knows? This time next year, successful applicants could be spending Valentine's Day with somebody new.

To those applying, the very best of luck!