Five Reasons You Need To Watch '50 Ways To Kill Your Mammy' 5 years ago

Five Reasons You Need To Watch '50 Ways To Kill Your Mammy'

There’s only one word for this – and that’s Nancy.

50 Ways To Kill Your Mammy has become our staple go-to watch here at Her HQ and it’s not just for the exotic locations and hilarious one-liners.


No, the reason we tune in again and again and again is thanks to the legend that is Nancy, aka Baz’s mammy and the hero of the show.

An inspiration, a true Irish mammy and basically the woman we want to be when we grow up, Nancy is just one of many (many) reasons that we love tuning into the show.

Here’s some of our favourites…


Nancy is EVERY Irish mammy

If you haven’t seen 50 Ways To Kill Your Mammy then you are missing out on perhaps one of the best Irish mammies of all time – the legend that is Baz’s mother Nancy. Amazing one-liners, perfectly Irish reactions to every situation she’s thrown into coupled with a dash of giving out to son Baz, Nancy is our hero.

It’s inspirational


Nancy became an inspiration for people everywhere when she overcame her biggest fear as she took on the challenge of scuba diving. After admitting that she didn’t know how to swim, she still went ahead with the task, and didn’t balk when they dunked her under the water. “It was a great achievement for me, as I had this fear of water. One thing I'm going to do now is learn how to swim," she said.

As for jumping out of that plane...

What a hero.


Nancy puts manners on EVERYONE


But particularly her son Baz. Baz has admitted that despite being more than a foot taller than his mammy, she was well able to put manners on him if he wasn’t toeing the line. On top of that she has absolutely no problem speaking her mind – and we love her for it.

A touch of wanderlust

There’s nothing better on these grey, dreary November evenings then switching on the telly and being transported to somewhere exotic. If you haven’t had time to book yourself a winter break away, then Nancy and Baz’s adventures will be the soothing balm to your aching wanderlust.



Age is NOT an issue

As much as we love Baz, you might have gathered at this stage that Nancy holds the biggest spot in our hearts and if you cut back all the laugh-out-loud moments of the show, Baz’s eager and hilarious responses to his mammy, you’re left with the true core of it all – the fact that regardless of age, you are able to do anything. Nancy has proved that with each challenge and trip the pair take together, to the point that we feel kind of guilty sitting there at least 40 years her junior whiling our time away on the couch…

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