Friends fans have noticed a pretty creepy detail about Rachel's date with Joshua 3 years ago

Friends fans have noticed a pretty creepy detail about Rachel's date with Joshua

How did we never notice this?

Even though we will always have a soft spot for Friends, it's been hard not to notice some of the small errors that cropped up on the show in recent months.


Like when the camera cut away to a new cast member (by accident) or the fact that Rachel looked alarmingly different in her passport photo when she was flying to Paris.

Now, an eagle-eyed Friends fan has noticed another error - and honestly, it's pretty creepy.

The season four episode, The One With Rachel's New Dress, sees Rachel trying to plan a super romantic for her and Joshua.

However, things all start to go wrong after Joshua's fear of farm birds was sparked when he saw the Chick and the Duck.


So, he and Rachel head to his parents house - and Rachel slips into lingerie in an attempt to surprise her other half.

Which is when his parents arrive back at the house, returning early from their trip abroad.

But one Reddit user has noticed something really creepy going on in the background - and we can't believe we've never noticed it before.


After the awkward introduction, Rachel attempts to explain her lacy slip as a new style of dress, telling Joshua's parents that it is a super popular style in Milan.

She continued:

A part of my job is to wear the clothes and then I see how people respond and then I report back to my superiors at Bloomingdales.

"And obviously in this case, I’m going to report back 'USA, not ready.'"


Joshua's mum then suggests that maybe the 'dress' would work in Los Angeles - which is when the eyes on the statue in the background lit up with an ominous red hue without an explanation.

As the camera cuts back to a full-on view of Rachel, the eerie eyes on the statue become even more noticeable.

Creepy, right?