Gogglebox fans can't cope after Jenny farts during a demonstration 4 months ago

Gogglebox fans can't cope after Jenny farts during a demonstration

They never fail.

Gogglebox fans were left in fits of laughter after a clip of Jenny resurfaced farting during an episode.


The video shows Jenny, of the famous Jenny and Lee duo, accidentally letting one rip as she reenacted a scene from the international strength competition series World's Strongest Man.

Doing the rounds on social media, Jenny raises her arms in the air pretending to lift heavy weights when the hilarious moment strikes.

She lets out a fart within touching distance of Lee's face, and you can only imagine the reaction the pair of them made.

The clip isn't that old either, shared from the 2021 Christmas special on TikTok, with fans rushing to the comments to show their love for this duo.


One said: "These two are the best!!"

Another wrote: "I bet that one curdled Lee’s drink."

A third said: "This is the funniest thing ever… the more I play it the funnier it is."


While a fourth added: "Honestly I nearly lost a [mouthful] of Baileys watching that tonight

The two best friends have been a fan favourite on the Channel 4 series since 2014 when they first appeared on the show, instantly being a hit from their mobile home in Hull.

And proving just how close they are, they both isolated together in Lee's home in the first lockdown, with Jenny asking Lee in the final episode of season 15: "Just think Lee, what you going to do when I go home? I'll miss you when I go home. Have you bought me a leaving present?"

To which he ever so kindly replied: "Yeah. A f***ing suitcase."