Gogglebox Ireland is back tonight so cancel all your plans, tbh 10 months ago

Gogglebox Ireland is back tonight so cancel all your plans, tbh

Some new faces are joining the cast too.

Everybody likes watching TV.

It's fun, it's entertaining, it's something to do with your time when you're desperately trying to fill the monotonous void that is life.

The only activity better than watching TV is watching other people watch TV - and lucky for us we can do just that without ever needing to leave the comfort of our own homes these days.

Cheers Gogglebox, mate. Truly sorted us with that one.

The Irish version of the series returns this evening (Wednesday, September 11), so if you were looking for something to spend your time watching tonight, viola.

Tonight's episode features Gogglebox newbies, sisters Barbara and Janet from Donegal.

When Barbara isn’t busy running her own B&B, she’s around in retired social worker Janet’s house for some tea to watch whatever happens to be on the telly.

In this case, it's a bit of Bake Off and a lot of Brexit.

 "Janet is driven demented by Barbara’s compulsive cleaning, but Barbara insists that she needs to keep things spick and span for her own guests, so Janet should do the same," reads the cast details.

"Although it’s all quickly forgotten when there’s a bit of music on in their local, where the ladies aren’t shy about getting involved in a good session.

 "Barbara is an avid rugby fan, admittedly it’s to get a good look at the player’s legs. Janet loves all things Irish on the telly and can’t resist a bit of Nationwide. Their ultimate night in is in front of a classic Hollywood flick."

The gals will be joined tonight by a few familiar faces too, as the rest of the cast settle in for a night of TV voyeuristic fun.

Can't wait.

Gogglebox Ireland airs tonight at 9pm on Virgin Media One.