Gogglebox viewers were pretty angry with Stephen Webb last night 2 years ago

Gogglebox viewers were pretty angry with Stephen Webb last night

Ah, no.

If you didn't watch Gogglebox last night, you probably assumed that it was pretty much the same as it always is: people sitting around being vaguely funny and watching a bit of telly.

And it was that too - there were loads of people watching lots of different programmes and everybody was delighted.

But there was also Stephen Webb tying his dog's ears up with a bobbin and people were not too delighted about that at all.

Here's what went down:

Stephen and his mum Pat are seen at the beginning of the episode hanging out with a load of dogs.

A wondrous moment for all involved, clearly.

Stephen then starts messing with one of the dog's ears, tying them together with a bobbin... and viewers were not impressed.

According to TheBark.com, tying a dog's ears together can be potentially dangerous for the animal.

In 2015, a viral pet "trend" called #DogBun saw owners tying their dog's ears together with bobbins to make it look like they had a hair bun on their heads.

The website said that clips or bobbins should never be used to tie back an animal's ears.

"They could interrupt blood flow and cause serious damage, potentially leading to ear flap amputation," they warned.

"Additionally, I can't imagine that having your ears bunched up is comfortable or conducive to hearing."