'I got it wrong': Roxanne just apologised for accusing Ryan of punching her on CBB 4 years ago

'I got it wrong': Roxanne just apologised for accusing Ryan of punching her on CBB

She spoke about the incident for the first time this morning.

After quitting the show on Saturday, Roxanne Pallett had yet to address about her accusations against fellow housemate Ryan Thomas… until now.


The actress made her first public appearance this morning on The Jeremy Vine Show to discuss the incident that Roxanne called “abuse” leading to the star admitting she “got it wrong”.

The former Emmerdale star received huge backlash from viewers and colleagues alike after she said Ryan had deliberately punched her repeatedly in the ribs while they were in the CBB house.

However, this morning when she was asked if it hurt, she told host Jeremy Vine:

“At the time it hurt, but when I look back on the footage, I got it wrong.”


Ryan has spoken about his upset and fear of the public reaction to the allegations in the house ever since he was made aware of them, and his family have publicly hit back at Roxanne for her "smear campaign" against the former Corrie actor.

But this morning, she apologised to Ryan and his family for the upset they’ve been going through over the last week.

“I massively apologise to, not just Ryan, but his family, his friends, his fans, to every single person that watched that and justifiably saw an overreaction to what wasn’t a malicious act," she said.

"In that moment, because I am sensitive and I was emotional, I mistook what was playful. And he did apologise for it and he did say his ring caught me.

“And it was the word ‘deliberate’ that I regret. Because I doubt it was his intention and there was no malicious intent behind that.

“And that’s what I apologise for because I shouldn’t have questioned his motivation.

“I got it wrong.”


After viewers tweeted saying they believed Roxanne was only doing the interview to save her career, she admitted that she was advised not to appear on the show but chose to address the issue herself.

“I’m here today to acknowledge my mistake.”

Roxanne’s accusations resulted in over 11,200 complaints to Ofcom.


She will appear on tonight's episode of Celebrity Big Brother to have her exit interview with Emma Willis.