Grey's Anatomy is casting their first ever non-binary doctor 1 year ago

Grey's Anatomy is casting their first ever non-binary doctor

So exciting.

Grey's Anatomy is making big changes to the E.R with their first ever non-binary doctor set to join the team.


Joining the team at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital,  we were first introduced to Dr Kai Bartley in season 18 when Meredith was being asked to move to a Minnesota hospital to join the team in finding a cure for Parkinson's Disease.

Joining the cast, E.R. Fightmaster will have a recurring role in the upcoming season, according to Variety, who starred as Kai on the research team looking to poach Meredith.

E.R Fightmaster is also a non-binary actor and is the first non-binary actor to play a doctor on the hit ABC series.


While seasons 14 to 16 saw trans actor Alex Blue Davis played surgical resident Casey Parker, there has never been a non-binary actor in the series playing a medical professional.

Making their appearance in the new season before the end of December, the character description reads: "They are dedicated to their craft and extremely talented at what they do. Confident as hell and able to make even the most detailed and mundane science seem exciting and cool, Kai and Amelia bond over their shared love of medicine and the brain."

Fans are expecting that Amelia will be looking for a distraction after saying no to Link's proposal, and Kai could be just that, especially since the two are said to get quite close.