Here are the best bits on TV on Christmas Day 4 years ago

Here are the best bits on TV on Christmas Day

Ah, Christmas Day. The one day of the year when it's totally acceptable to eat chocolate in your PJs while watching movies first thing in the morning.

Nothing can beat the selection on TV on Christmas Day. Some of the best movies and TV shows are scheduled.


Tuck into your selection box and feast your eyes on some of these delights.

Our top picks of what to watch on Christmas Day:

Happy Feet -RTÉ 2 9:20am 

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - ITV 11:55am

The Polar Express - ITV2 1:05pm

Enchanted - RTÉ 2 1:50pm

The Lion King - UTV 3:10pm


Frozen - BBC One 3:10pm

The Great Christmas Bake Off - BBC One 4:45pm

For one of the last times, let's enjoy the Bake Off as we know it, before it packs its bags and sets up shop on Channel 4.

Doctor Who Christmas Special - BBC One 5:45pm

Strictly Come Dancing Christmas Special - BBC One 6:45pm


Call The Midwives Christmas Special - BBC One 8pm

Gavin James' Other Voices Special - RTÉ 2 8:30pm

Captain America - The Winter Soldier - RTÉ 2 11pm

Mrs Brown's Boys Christmas Special - RTÉ One 10:25pm


The Flag - RTÉ One 11pm

In soap land, Emmerdale is at 7pm and Coronation Street is at 8pm on TV3. While over on RTÉ One, Fair City is on at 8:25pm and Eastenders is at 9:25pm.