Idina Menzel chooses Disney girlfriend for Frozen's Elsa 6 years ago

Idina Menzel chooses Disney girlfriend for Frozen's Elsa

This is cute!

While we know very little about the second instalment of Frozen, we can't wait to see what the Anna and Elsa will be up to.


Earlier this year a online campaign emerged which called for Disney add more diversity and LGBT representation to their films. The hashtag #GiveElsaAGirlfriend became huge on social media.

Tyler Oakley had Idina and her co-star Kristen Bell on his online show on the Ellen network, where he quizzed them about the sequel.

"There's been speculation on the Internet about Elsa potentially being a lesbian,"

"Can you confirm that?" Tyler said to Kristen, who voices Anna.

Kirsten doesn't give away too much but shows her support for the idea.


"Whatever Elsa wants to do is up to her and it's up to us to support her," she said.

Tyler also asked Idina about the rumours to which she said:

 "I cannot confirm or deny," she said while laughing. "If I tell you, I would have to kill you."

She adds: "I think in Frozen 1, she was young so she's still figuring stuff out,"

Tyler also played around with a few potential girlfriends for Elsa, throwing around names like Pocahontas and Ursula.

But Idina's choice was too adorable as she picked Tinkerbell as a partner.