'I'm not posting continuous pictures of my face' Niamh Webb O'Rourke on the evolution of blogging 2 years ago

'I'm not posting continuous pictures of my face' Niamh Webb O'Rourke on the evolution of blogging

How is social media treating you these days?

It's certainly not the 'cool' thing to admit but I spend a huge amount of time scrolling through social media. Obviously it's very trendy and hip to do a digital detox but let's face it... we're in lockdown and sometimes you just need a good scroll.


Now, who I choose to follow on social media is the next issue I'm faced with. What message are they relaying? Do I feel happy when I see their posts? Do they (not to sound too Marie Kondo) spark joy within my soul?

These are the questions I posed to our latest guest on Girls With Goals, Niamh Webb O'Rourke is a fashion blogger and former MUA from Limerick. I've followed her (digitally) for over two years now and her page genuinely makes me smile.

Just look at the pink things:


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pink things that brighten up my day????

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As we all know, the world is in the midst of an unprecedented global health pandemic. Every single aspect of our lives have changed; the way we're spending our time has changed, the way we're spending our money has changed and the people who we follow on social media are changing too.

Blogging is evolving, consumers are concerned with different things in their lives and it's important to highlight this. The constant need to spend or have perfect hair is no longer important. Family is important, health is important and I truly believe this will have a massive impact on who we allow to 'influence' our lives in the future.

Niamh has amassed a loyal following over the years and she admits on this week's episode of Girls With Goals that lately she's taking a different stance when it comes to her posts and it shows:


"For me now I'm kind of hoping I inspire. I'm hoping people come to my page and they feel good they don't feel like they need the 'new thing' or anything like that. That's why I'm posting outfit inspirations, quotes, things that make me happy instead of continuous pictures of my face because that's the same every day and no one needs to see that."

Listen to the full interview with Niamh below:

We're also joined on this week's episode by Anita Murray Co-Founder of the Irish Spa Association. The association are releasing information this week on the future of the spa and salon sector here in Ireland post Covid-19 and what consumers and employees can expect from the 'new normal'. Listen in above at 34.18 above for more.


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