The islanders are in for a cinematic treat full of their own drama tonight 10 months ago

The islanders are in for a cinematic treat full of their own drama tonight


After leaving us on another cliffhanger last night, four islanders are set to be dumped from the villa and that's only the start of the drama on Love Island tonight.


As the boys choose to save only one girl and the girls are picking their favourite boy, it's anyone's guess as to who they might choose and who will be packing their bags.

Things are getting serious with the islanders that are staying as Millie is finally warming up to Liam more and more.

Making his way into her good books again, Millie is letting him back into their bed but he still needs to prove a lot to her.


Millie says: "I’ve also made the decision that you can sleep in my bed tonight. But there’s boundaries! There’s boundaries, OK. I’ve got my side, you’ve got your side. Definitely going to be no cuddles or kisses. It’s just that one step closer to getting to the right place. But you need to respect my decision."

Respecting her decision, these two aren't the only ones making progress as Toby and Chloe are heading in the same direction as Jake and Liberty.

Speaking to Jake, Toby says: "This is a relationship crash course, learning everything you’d learn in five years in literally weeks."

Considering if he should make it official, Toby adds: "Having that label is massive. It’s scary."


Jake replies: "All I’m going to say to you is having a girlfriend is f***ing brilliant. Everything at your own pace. We’re in here to find love."

And getting wind of this, Faye admits to Teddy she's been having a think about it too, saying: "This morning I had a bit of a wobble. I feel like, it’s just very scary the thought of the elephant in the room of the ‘g’ word. And I just feel like at that point of the ‘g’ word coming out, my automatic defence mechanism is to find every reason as to why not to be, rather than why to be.

"I know why to be, but I would be mortified if you asked me to be your girlfriend the way Jake did with Lib."


Assuring her that's not his style, Teddy and Faye are happy to keep going at their own pace, but the door is always open.

It's movie night at the villa, but instead of getting a glimpse at the latest blockbuster, the islanders are the stars of this film.

They must answer quiz questions about the opposite genders and which ever team wins gets to pick which clip they want to see.

Oh God, this just can't end well at all.