ITV announce new dating show, The Cabins, to fill the Love Island hole in your heart 4 months ago

ITV announce new dating show, The Cabins, to fill the Love Island hole in your heart

Cabin in the woods, but make it sexy.

Love Island isn't on this summer.


Hell, it may not even be on next summer the way things are going. I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here is already moving to the Welsh countryside for one year, but Love Island has, understandably, not made the same shift.

But that's okay because ITV are launching a new dating show that takes place a little bit closer to home: most notably, in a cabin in the UK.

The Cabins, which is based off a Dutch show called Let Love Rule, is an upcoming reality TV dating show that sees a host of sexy singletons (aren't they always?) shacked up in a cabin with no phones, no internet, and nothing else to do but get with each other.

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The cabins will be "complete with simmering hot tubs and set in beautiful surroundings within the UK," according to ITV.

"Nestled together in their intimate cabins, the singletons will have quality time to really get to know their date.

"From heartfelt moments or declarations of love, to awkward silences and difficult dating conversations, viewers will be able to follow all the antics and find out if the sparks fly or quickly fizzle out."


The show is very much in the early stages of production, but if you fancied yourself a go in one of the cabins, you can email

What better way to fall in love than literally stuck in a gaff with someone you've never met?

Love Island

This comes after ITV confirmed that there would be no summer Love Island in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

The winter instalment of the series has also been cancelled indefinitely, but producers are adamant that the summer show will return in 2021 for a longer, better series.


We'll see how we get on with that, yeah.