ITV2's new dating show is The Bachelor with a major twist 1 year ago

ITV2's new dating show is The Bachelor with a major twist

We're already hooked.

We've only got a few more weeks left of Love Island, we're going to need a new reality dating show to binge as soon as it's over.


And ITV2 has the answer to this little problem we might find ourselves in as they've dropped the trailer for their latest series Ready to Mingle, and it could be just as big as Love Island.

Guaranteed to have a lot of drama and a lot of twists and turns, we're definitely going to be hooked on this.

And to make it all even better, Katherine Ryan is on hosting duties so not only will we be gripped to our seats, we'll also be cackling with laughter.

The show is similar to The Bachelor in the US, following a single in search for her ideal man with 12 men laid out in front of her, with a cash prize at the end.


But the twist, not all the men are single. Some of their partners will be behind the scenes guiding their other half to win the money.

The singleton has to get to know each of the boys through completing different activities, playing games and going out on romantic dates.

She then will have to eliminate each man one by one until she's only got one left but this is where the fun part comes in, she'll have to figure out whether or not he's single.


"Which boy will be left standing? Can she suss out who is the real deal? They may not all be single, but they're all Ready to Mingle," says ITV.

The show is set to debut on ITV 2 sometime in September.