Ja Rule is already working on creating Fyre Festival 2.0 and claims it'll be 'iconic' 11 months ago

Ja Rule is already working on creating Fyre Festival 2.0 and claims it'll be 'iconic'

Sorry, what?

You'd think the shambles that was Fyre Festival would put Ja Rule off ever even speaking those words again let alone contemplating to run the festival once more.

But no, that's exactly what he's planning to do, claiming that its resurrection will be "iconic".

Speaking to TMZ, the rapper addressed the 2017 festival which was shot back into the spotlight late last year thanks to two separate documentaries streamed on both Netflix and Hulu.

"I’m not ashamed of Fyre at all. Because man, the idea, it was brilliant. It was fucking beyond brilliant … It was amazing, but it wasn’t what I dreamed it of being, and what I envisioned of it being, and what I wanted it to be. It wasn’t done properly."

And although he might not be ashamed, it certainly looks like Ja is now hoping to seek redemption.

Fyre Festival was easily one of the biggest fails of the 21st century. Not only did the rapper's business partner, Billy McFarland, go to jail for the festival as well as receiving a €2.5 million lawsuit but, local labour, festival goers and production were all out of pocket thanks to ill budgeting and a dream that was clearly, too big for them to bring to life.

Now, given the lessons learnt, is it possible for them to recreate the event correctly? Who knows, but in terms of finding a crowd to attend the festival, we don't think they'll have much support from the public.

You can watch Fyre Festival: The Greatest Party That Never Happened on Netflix now.