And Just Like That... episode 5: What's next for Miranda and Che? 7 months ago

And Just Like That... episode 5: What's next for Miranda and Che?

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It's back...


*Spoilers for episode five of And Just Like That...

It's that time of the week again, the brand new episode of And Just Like That... has dropped on NOW and this week, our jaws have officially hit the floor.

If the rest of the episodes are anything like this, the second half of the season is set to really have us on the edge of our seats - and we can't wait.

The episode starts with the return of Seema, Carrie's realtor we met in the previous episode, but this visit ends with Carrie in the hospital needing hip surgery, oh how the times have changed.


There has also been a big development in Charlotte's household, with her daughter's gender identity coming into play a lot more. Charlotte discovers that Rose is now going by "Rock', something that was hinted at in episode three.


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Bringing more attention to the issue of gender identity, which we all can appreciate is much needed in this show, while it can be a difficult one to get right, it's needed more than ever to be represented in the media like this, so hats off to them.


Thank God the school authorities are dealing with it in the way we would hope to, showing a more progressive side compared to what the original series once was.

And speaking of new and more progressive storylines, Miranda's life as a 50-odd year old is nothing we have ever seen from her before and honestly, we're loving every second of it.

The episode delved more into Miranda's sexuality, we see our favourite redhead have a little bit too much to drink with new character Che and indulge in some very steamy sex in the kitchen which leaves Carrie waking up after hearing some intimate noises.


As stunned as the rest of us, Carrie approaches Miranda about it, to which Miranda breaks down and spills all to her best friend.

The heartbreaking moment shows Miranda admitting that she has been drinking too much and hasn't been happy for a long time. Revealing that she feels trapped in her marriage, this episode truly shows the real-life struggles middle aged women go through, and did a fantastic job portraying it to the screen.

Not only were the topics of this episode dealt with such grace and delicacy, the acting, particularly by Cynthia Nixon, was outstanding and needs to be commended.

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