WATCH: Kevin the Carrot is back in Aldi's latest Christmas advert 1 year ago

WATCH: Kevin the Carrot is back in Aldi's latest Christmas advert

Absolute scenes.

Hey guys, it was November 1st yesterday, and you know what that means - Christmas.


Not Christmas day, not Christmas eve, not even Christmas week, just Christmas. Once Halloween is over and November hits, so do the gift guides, the tinsel, and the cutesy festive adverts.

This year, unsurprisingly, is no different. The second the clock struck midnight on November 1, Kevin the Carrot removed himself from his frozen veg hibernation and returned to our social media and TV screens.

As always, the Aldi carrot is back for another adventure, and this time he's flying through the skies in a plane alongside Turkey.


Turkey tries to open a window as he is "roasting," (get it?), only to accidentally eject Kevin from the cockpit and send him parachuting down to the rocky mountains below.

"Where is Kevin?" the ad asks at the end. Where will he land? Will he still be able to inevitably save Christmas as he always does? Why was a carrot left in charge of manning a jet?

These questions, and more, we may never know the answer to. Or at least, we won't until Aldi release some vital information as to where Kevin has gone.

Stand by.


You can check out the ad below: