Lady Gaga did this for her fans after cancelling a gig last minute 1 year ago

Lady Gaga did this for her fans after cancelling a gig last minute

The best apology ever!

Lady Gaga was forced to pull out of her Montreal show this week due to an illness she developed after performing in the rain in New York City’s Citi Field.

The singer took to her social media profiles to share the news with fans, saying:

“To my beautiful fans, I couldn’t be more devastated that I am unable to perform tonight.

“I sing this entire show live, and pride myself in giving it all, but when I sang in the rain at Citi Field I got sick and have been pushing through.

“I am so sorry to anyone who had their heart set on seeing me tonight.

“I love you. Xoxo, Joanne.”

While fans were left devastated, their upset was soon eased when Lady Gaga again took to social media to say:

“I’m sending free pizza to any monsters outside my hotel The William Gray Montreal. I love you so much and I’m so sorry you are the most loyal fans.”

Yes, Lady Gaga threw a full-on pizza party on the streets on Montreal for her fans and the pictures are glorious.

As well as pizza, the Joanne singer sent her fans autographs as a thank you for their support.

The singer finally took to the roof to wave at the fans who waited around to see her.

Even without the show, we’re sure this was a night Gaga fans will never forget.