Laois 'stallion' Eoghan divides viewers after entering Love Island Australia 2 years ago

Laois 'stallion' Eoghan divides viewers after entering Love Island Australia

The Irish additions to this year's UK Love Island proved to be the fan favourites of the series, so it was only right that we put another of our best on the Aussie version.

Laois man Eoghan Murphy entered the Love Island Australia villa this week and wasted no time in shaking things up.


"You put a man into a house of boys," he said upon his arrival – and to be fair, the villa's girls seemed to agree.

Within days he found himself in a love triangle with two of them, Jessie and Cartier, and has been selected to go on dates by two new girls Anna and Phoebe.


Eoghan's behaviour has rubbed lots of viewers up the wrong way but plenty just seem happy to look at him.




Hilariously, many Down Under, including some fellow Islanders, have been struggling with his name.


But in spite of his playboy antics, Eoghan could secretly be a softie.

He went out with one person from when he was 14 up until last year and is keen to settle down again.

"I was in a relationship pretty much my entire life. When it happens you always think the grass is greener," he said before going on the show.

"I enjoy being in a relationship. I want a companion. All my mates have girlfriends and I’m the one on my own. I want a girl, I want someone I can spend the rest of my life with."