Last night's Love Island proves that Ovie is, indeed, the perfect man 3 months ago

Last night's Love Island proves that Ovie is, indeed, the perfect man

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Everybody needs an Ovie in their lives.

Every boy, every girl, every absolute snake like Michael who has been acting the dick and is now trying (and failing) to make amends.

Everybody - and last night's episode of Love Island proved that the six foot seven (!) basketball player is, indeed, the most genuine, lovely, and respectful person in the villa.


Because of the following instance.

Over the past few days, Amber has been terribly upset by Michael's behaviour and attitude towards her and, seeing as she blatantly still has feelings for him, his rudeness has been hitting her rather hard.

And while most of the girls are vaguely trying to be there for the beauty therapist, there's one person who appears to have her back no matter what. Ovie.

He's giving her a shoulder to cry on, he's giving her good advice, he's being the friend that the others are somewhat failing to be.

And none of it is coming from a place of wanting to crack on with her, acting like the nice, sensitive boy until he can swoop in and get his bit.

He's just genuinely being a sound lad with no ulterior motive - a rare personality trait in that villa.

This all came to the fore last night when Ovie pulled Michael for a chat regarding his attitude towards Amber.

Ovie told the firefighter what's what, informed him that he had upset Amber, and explained that being rude and demanding wasn't a good look on him.

Michael tried to downplay the whole situation by making up some bullshit about not wanting Amber to be stood around in her heels (?), but the chat eventually led to Michael apologising to Amber in the sitting room.

Something that arguably never would have happened had Ovie not done the noble, mature thing and stood up for his best mate.

The perfect man, in all respects.

Just give him the £50k, c'mon.