Late Late Show viewers are not happy with Ryan's questions for Billy Connolly 7 months ago

Late Late Show viewers are not happy with Ryan's questions for Billy Connolly

They aren't happy.

With a solid lineup of celebrities like Robert Sheehan, Ireland's Fittest Families and none other than comedy legend Billy Connolly, it seemed like last night's Late Late Show was set to be a hit.


While nothing seemed out of the ordinary for the most part, fans couldn't get over the questions that Ryan chose to ask Billy Connolly, and was not holding their anger back.

Speaking over a video link from his home in Florida, Billy appeared on the show to chat about his 50-year long career in comedy.

Opening up about his life behind cameras, Billy spoke about his Parkinson's disease and how his life has changed since he was diagnosed in 2013.


As Ryan Tubridy posed some questions to him, viewers at home were left extremely uncomfortable by how he went about them and angry at the questions Ryan chose to ask.

One person wrote on Twitter: "Ryan: tell me, how do you feel about dying Billy? Can you explain to the audience the heart ache and nightmares of your soon to be death?"

Another said: "Ffs #LateLateShow Why ask older people about their mortality? Isn’t is tough enough to get old - let’s ask them about their life and all the wisdom they’ve collect3d along the way."


While some were disappointed in how Billy was spoken to, others were more reminiscent on his career and recalled their favourite memories of seeing the comedian live.


One said: "I was a guest on #LateLateShow in 80's Billy Connolly was on before me, I was laughing so much with his wife in the Green room that I was totally relaxed when I went out afterwards &had to explain what my business was, it was cloning plants & I was selling millions to the Dutch!!"

Another wrote: "I saw him live a couple of times in The Olympia. Thought I would die laughing on both occasions. A masterful performer and so funny. Love Billy Connolly. #LateLateShow."