Line of Duty's Jed Mercurio says season six may air 'sometime in 2020' 7 months ago

Line of Duty's Jed Mercurio says season six may air 'sometime in 2020'

Line of Duty creator Jed Mercurio has some good news for fans: it looks like season six may be here a LOT sooner than expected.

There was a two year wait between seasons four and five, while Mercurio took some time to work on Bodyguard. 

However, it looks like there won't be any similar delays when it comes to season six.

The series' creator has told Radio Times he is hoping to see the show return to our telly screens "sometime in 2020."

He said:

“I would hope it’s sometime in 2020, next year. But that’s not something that we’re able to confirm.”

And as for when production on the new season may begin, Mercurio said they were at the "planning stage" at the moment.

He continued:

"So, we are working towards a date. We can't confirm everything until things are in place."

Season five came to an end back in March 2019, with a twist that proved to be very divisive amongst fans. 

Speaking ahead of the season finale, Mercurio told how he is set to have a "very specific conversation" with the BBC about the future of the show.

He told The Sun:

"We’re looking forward to a conversation with the BBC once series five has aired... about whether there is an appetite from fans to have more, or whether there’s a feeling the show is coming towards its natural arc.

"That conversation will be very specific, which is whether series six will be the last, or whether the BBC would be prepared to commission a seventh so we can approach series six knowing it’s not the last."