A load of people think David Beckham kissing Harper is 'inappropriate' 4 years ago

A load of people think David Beckham kissing Harper is 'inappropriate'

And there was us assuming that it was just a particularly gorgeous snap.

David Beckham is currently on safari with the kids in Tanzania - and if the photos he's sharing on Instagram are anything to go by, the entire clan is having a pretty great time too.


Still, one particular image - of the former footballer kissing his five year old daughter - is proving bizarrely controversial.

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Yup, a load of folk are complaining that it's 'inappropriate' or 'weird' for the 42-year-old to kiss Harper on the lips (like we said, bizarre).

Others chipped in with their thoughts on what is the 'acceptable' level of affection that parents can show their children.

Thankfully, there were plenty more reasonable responses.

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"Why do people see something nice and turn it into something horrible?" asked one, adding: "I can't believe that this is what's become of this world. Not even allowed to kiss your own kids these days without being branded as something wrong. Idiots."

A year ago, some observers also branded Victoria Beckham kissing Harper on the lips 'wrong'.


In July, the fashion designer shared a snap of her and her daughter in a swimming pool puckering up for a kiss. Shocking responses to that snap included accusations that the moment was 'gay'.

We're big fans of the Beckhams, and reckon that in the spotlight of celebrity, David and Victoria are doing a great job raising their four gorgeous children.