Looks like Coronation Street is lining up Gary Windass' next target 6 months ago

Looks like Coronation Street is lining up Gary Windass' next target

Uh oh.

It looks like Coronation Street has lined up Gary Windass' next target - and it's bad news for Ryan Prescott.

The DJ finds himself in the firing line next week after he gets caught out taking money that doesn't belong to him.

According to The SunGary stashes £650 of loan shark Rick Neelan's money in the drawer of a desk at the furniture shop. He heads out on business, deciding to leave Ryan in charge.

The builder is impressed when he returns and Ryan tells him he's sold a piece of furniture for £200 - but things take a turn when Gary finds out it was the desk/money hiding spot that got sold.

An apologetic Ryan tells him it was Mary Taylor who bought the desk, and Gary heads straight for the flower shop. He searches through the drawers, but Mary insists they were empty when she bought it.

Elsewhere in Weatherfield, Ryan tells Alya Nazir that he sold some vinyl so he'll be able to join her on a trip to Copenhagen.

Gary ends up confronting Ryan about the missing money, but the DJ insists he doesn't know anything about it. But when Ayla accidentally lets Ryan's recent windfall slip, Gary is seething.

He confronts Ryan again, this time threatening to call the police - and Ryan comes clean about taking the money.

Gary tells him he can pay it back, plus interest. However, if the recent filming pictures are anything to go by, it looks like its just the start of a rift between the two of them...