Looks like Eyal has already moved on with another Love Island star 2 years ago

Looks like Eyal has already moved on with another Love Island star

New romance alert.

It’s been less than a wet week since Eyal Booker said goodbye to the Love Island villa and his chances of finding love there but it looks like that hasn’t held him back.


Yep, Mr Deep and Meaningful himself has been back in the UK all of three days and is already inundated with interest from potential suitors.

However, there is one in particular that Eyal seems excited about and she’s a former Love Island contestant.

No, he and Hayley have not decided to give it another go instead the model is chatting with last year’s winner Amber Davies.

Yes, while chatting to Roman Kemp on the Capital Breakfast show this morning, Eyal was asked about all those sliding into his DMs since he’s left the villa, especially those with blue ticks.

“There are a couple of blue ticks floating around,” Eyal admitted on air.

“I am taking some time out now, I am taking it slow.”

However, when asked whether Amber had been in touch, Eyal went very quiet.


“Amber, stop,” joked host Roman Kemp.

“Amber, don’t stop,” Eyal responded.

The show has since tweeted a clip of the conversation and it shows that Eyal isn’t all that  great at keeping secrets.

“It looks like Amber Davies has a type… and Eyal found that out straight after leaving Love Island,” read the caption.


Last year’s winner is taking it in good spirits though, retweeting the clip on her own Twitter with several laughing emojis, saying: