Lorraine Kelly mortified Holly Willoughby with this awkward comment 2 years ago

Lorraine Kelly mortified Holly Willoughby with this awkward comment

Holly didn't know where to look.

Popular TV personality Holly Willoughby joined fellow presenter Lorraine Kelly for a chat this morning where they touched on various topics including Holly's parenting book Truly Scrumptious Baby and the Duchess of Cambridge's third pregnancy.

However, the conversation turned to how "fantastic" Holly is looking at the moment with Lorraine asking the mother of three if she has to "work hard" to maintain her good looks.

Holly seemed a little surprised by the question but responded to say that the children are a little older now and agreed with Lorraine's suggestion that she "has more time for herself now".

The 36-year-old then said that if you're happy and healthy, that's all that matters, an opinion we firmly agree with by the way.

Lorraine agreed and then told Holly that she always looks beautiful but not to lose the "Holly- Willoughbies".

You can see the interview in full in the clip below and the moment in question takes place around the 3-minute mark.

Unsurprisingly, the This Morning co-presenter was thrown by this but she didn't let it deter her and instead looked down at her chest, saying "I think they're still there, Lorraine".

Lorraine couldn't argue with that and said they were "gorgeous" and Holly commented, "now you're all looking".

The host then swiftly moved the conversation on to discuss what was coming up on today's episode of This Morning but needless to say it was a bit of an uncomfortable situation.

Holly and Lorraine are clearly great pals and she didn't take offence to the comments about her chest but it made for an awkward TV moment all the same...