Lost your job? Help ease the pain with a free burger 4 years ago

Lost your job? Help ease the pain with a free burger

Ah, Burger King are a sound bunch of lads.

Especially now with the introduction of "Whopper Severance".


What is this you may ask? Well, Burger King know that getting fired sucks, therefore they want to help you out by offering you a free whopper burger to help dry your tears.

All you got to do is admit you have been fired on your LinkedIn account and Burger King will send you a free voucher to claim some grub.

Like all good deals though, there is a catch. If you're in America right now, well good news for you, there is no catch. But, for the rest of us, we need to hop on a plane to the states as it looks like they are the only ones at the moment who can avail of this deal.

However, fear not as there is a good chance this offer will cross the seas and these juicy free whoppers will be with us soon.

In the meantime, don't leave your job just yet, we will keep you updated on when it's time to run for the hills (and to your nearest Burger King).