The couple that knows each other best is revealed in tonight's couples challenge 11 months ago

The couple that knows each other best is revealed in tonight's couples challenge


Tonight's episode of Love Island is a juicy one lads.

As the Islanders relax in the garden, Greg receives a text, which reads “Islanders. It’s time to find out how well you really know your other half in today’s couples challenge. #listenup #whenyouknowyouknow”

The Islanders spend some time quizzing each other, to ensure they know one another inside out, ahead of today’s challenge. Shortly after, all the Islanders gather around the fire pit.

During this challenge, the couples have to write down answers to a number of questions on their chalkboards. The boys are up first and have to match their answer to their girl’s.

It will then be the girls’ turn to do the same. Each correct answer is worth a point, and whoever receives the most points will be declared the winning couple.

The questions start off simple, such as “What are the names of your girl’s parents?”

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But even that appears too difficult for Anton who incorrectly guesses Belle’s Dad’s name to be ‘Tarem’ instead of ‘Tamer’.

Anton later reflects on the blunder in the Beach Hut with Belle. He says “Me and your Dad are going to get on…as soon as I get his name right!”

It’s then time for the girls to answer questions about their boys.

One question that has all the Islanders talking is “How many girls has your boy slept with?”

It appears Anna and Jordan have already had this conversation. Revealing her answer, Anna says “I’m not very happy about this but it’s somewhere above 100.”

One couple correctly answered every question and won today’s challenge.

But which couple really do know each other best?