Love Island fans furious for Teddy after harsh movie challenge 9 months ago

Love Island fans furious for Teddy after harsh movie challenge

They're at it again, lads.

Let's be honest, that movie night was brutal and as much as we love the drama that's about to unfold from it, it seems a little harsh on the islanders.


But it was particularly harsh on two specific islanders, Teddy and Faye, and after the postcard incident of Casa Amor, fans are furious that the couple have been targetted again.

One clip from the challenge showed Faye flirting with Sam and telling the girls that she didn't think Teddy was funny, only for Teddy to sit there looking absolutely heartbroken.

Once again having their relationship under fire by producers, fans were left outraged that it was constantly the same couple being messed with.


On top of this, fans sent Ofcom nearly 5,000 complaints when the postcard made Teddy out to be a bad guy in Casa Amor, so it's no surprise this boiled their blood.

Heading to the only place they know where to complain, fans took to Twitter to tell producers exactly how they felt about it.

One fan wrote: "Teddy doesn’t deserve this man."

Another said: "I'm done with this. Why do the producers treat Teddy like this??? It hurts to see him sad."



And even Amber Gill got in on the drama, saying: "This is horrendous why do Teddy dirty again!? Jake and Liam get off Scot free."

Another fan added: "It's like the producers hate Teddy and Faye!? Why are they doing this!????"

But one thing we need to remember is, the whole challenge hasn't aired yet and the glimpse of the fight between the two could be more than meets the eye.


And after Faye opened up to Teddy about her self sabotage ways, these clips will definitely not be taken lightly.

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