Love Island: Here's everything you need to know about the two Lukes entering the villa tonight 1 month ago

Love Island: Here's everything you need to know about the two Lukes entering the villa tonight

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Two new boys are entering the villa, as you may have just seen from that teaser just there.

The lads have got a couple of things in common.

They're tall. They're attractive. They're both called Luke. Great bunch of lads.

Here's what to expect from the two new boys.

Luke Mabbott

24 year old Luke M is a heating engineer from Redcar, who's heading into the villa to find his Mrs Right.

He is, in his own words, "happy, outgoing, and caring" and although he meets most of his dates through Instagram, he's got his eye on a few girls in the villa who currently don't have access to their phones... obviously.

"I fancy Paige, Sophie, Shaughna and Rebecca in the villa," he says. "I've definitely got my eyes on Paige the most, she is definitely my type."

Luke has been single for about a year now, and although he says he often gets mistaken for Justin Bieber (?), his looks unfortunately haven't been enough to bag himself a relationship during this time.

In fact, he says that his New Year's Resolution is to "find a girlfriend."

"I’m used to being in a relationship. I was with my ex for four years. We broke up at the start of 2019. It’s a bit weird being single," he says.

Luke Trotman  

22 year old Luke T is a semi-pro footballer and student, who would sum is his life with the song 'Crazy in Love' by Beyoncé.

He fancies Leanne, Siânnise, Sophie and Rebecca, and is looking for a woman who's intelligent... and who won't mind a lad having their toes stepped on so Luke can swoop on in.

"I don’t have a wandering eye, I wouldn’t ever play anyone," he says. "I wouldn’t lie to someone and then go and do something else. I’d try and be open."

Luke's claim to fame is that his mum was on X Factor in 2007. Good for him.

"My resolution for next year is to find love, I really am looking for the real deal," he says. "My parents met when they were teenagers and are still together now so that’s what I want."

 Both Lukes will be entering the villa for the first time tomorrow night.