Love Island fans want Iain Stirling fired for his jokes about Ovie 11 months ago

Love Island fans want Iain Stirling fired for his jokes about Ovie


Love Island fans have been coming for Iain Stirling recently, because of his commentary about Ovie.

The voice over for the show has gotten a lot of hate for constantly making jokes about Ovie - who is a fan fave.

In fact, some fans are even calling for the Scot to be sacked from his role.

Taking to Twitter, one fan has said: "Iain Sterling wants to rinse these Ovie jokes. It’s enough."

"Iain Stirling isn’t even funny anymore his commentary on Love Island it's just forced," tweeted another.

A third wrote: "Today I’m confused how Iain is still the narrator for Love Island. Who is letting him stay?"

One more said: "Anyone else think Iain Stirling is going Ovie the top with that joke now?"

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However, a number of fans also rushed to Iain's defence (obviously), with one saying:

"Iain is going nowhere. He's the best part of this show."

Too right!

Before the show started back, Iain admitted that he had been warned about being mean to the Islanders.

The 31-year-ol, who has been dating Laura Whitmore for two years, revealed on Sunday Brunch: "Some of them they let us do - and some they say: 'You obviously can't say that."

"We get some Scottish phrases in. London TV execs are like: 'Oh, what a quaint phrase.' I'm like: 'That doesn't mean that.'"

What do you think? Has Iain Stirling been hard on Ovie?