Love Island viewers spot major editing mistake in last night's episode 9 months ago

Love Island viewers spot major editing mistake in last night's episode

Did you catch it?

Last night's Love Island was nothing short of dramatic.


We said goodbye to two islanders, welcomed three new bombshells and bore witness to Chloe and Toby's tense argument.

Despite the drama, viewers also picked up on a massive editing fail.

In one scene, after the dumping of AJ and Danny, Hugo, Aaron and Liam were chatting on the daybed.

In the very next shot, Liam gets up, and as he does Kaz magically appears in the bed, nestled into Aaron.


What is this sorcery?

Fans took to Twitter to express their confusion.


"Nahhh what sort of editing?!" one viewer wrote. "How did Kaz appear in between the boys like that?"

Another wrote: "I need to learn teleportation from Kaz... she appeared out of nowhere on that bed!"

A third person tweeted: "How did the boys magic Kaz in there?"

Kaz's teleportation aside, viewers were thrilled to see a possible connection bloom between her and new boy Tyler.


The bombshell made it clear that he had his eyes primarily on Kaz when he entered the villa. After Liberty vetted him properly (like the absolute pal she is), the two shared numerous flirty chats throughout the episode.

On top of that, the snippet for tonight's episode showed Kaz having a cheeky snog with a boy. Though we couldn't see his face, fans were fairly certain she was kissing Tyler, and they were thrilled.

"I've already bought my dress for their wedding," one fan wrote.

Another said that they were "obsessed" with the pairing. "When's the wedding?" they tweeted.

It's been a long time coming for fan favourite Kaz. After a rocky start with Toby, she's been unlucky when it comes to hitting it off with the bombshells.


Hopefully, that luck is all about to change.

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on Virgin Media One and the Virgin Media Player.