Love Island's Anton gives his number to another girl tonight 10 months ago

Love Island's Anton gives his number to another girl tonight

The latest episode of our Love Island show I've Got A Text is now live! 

Wait, what? 

Love Island's Anton Danyluk gives his number gives his number out to another girl in tonight's episode.

The 24-year-old has been coupled up with Belle Hassan lately, and things seemed to be going pretty well between them.

However, the pair may be able to hit a rocky patch after Anton gives his number out to another girl during a task in tonight's episode.

The first look at Friday's episode shows Jordan getting a text telling the Islanders the boys will be cooking for the girls tonight.

However, first, Jordan, Tommy and Anton have to go shopping to get the ingredients.

Things seem to be going fairly standard, until they get to the check out and Anton remarks that the girl helping them is "quite fit."

Before they leave, he scribbles down his number and hands it to her.

The footage then cuts to the date night, when all the couples are getting to know each other over dinner.

Belle asks Anton what he's normally like in a relationship, and he tells her:

"I've always been in fairly longterm relationships, and I treat my girlfriends like princesses.

"But I've made mistakes in my last relationships, when I was younger. Which, as I've got older, I've started to realise isn't right."

And when Belle presses on and asks if that means he would say he's loyal now, he confirms that he definitely is.


Especially as Molly-Mae is then seen telling Anna and Joanna that Anton had given his number to the shop assistant earlier that afternoon.

We can't imagine this will stay a secret in that villa too long...

You can check out the first look at tonight's episode below.