Love Island's Zara defends Adam's behaviour and honestly, is this real life? 4 years ago

Love Island's Zara defends Adam's behaviour and honestly, is this real life?

Adam's behaviour has been the source of much drama on Love Island this year.

Initially, he made a move on Kendall, quickly breaking up her and Niall but it wasn't long before he moved on to Rosie and then when Zara came in, he quickly forgot all about the Welsh native.


Zara then left the villa and fast forward two days to where Adam is kissing Daryelle Sargeant.

Last night, Zara appeared on Aftersun, Love Island's spin-off show and even though Adam had said he would wait for Zara so they could reunite when he leaves the show, she didn't seem too bothered about him moving on.

Zara said that in order for him to stay on the show, he has no choice but to kiss someone else but host Caroline Flack was having none of this attitude.


Her reaction to seeing Adam kiss new girl Daryelle was:

"It’s difficult. I’ve left, he’s still in the game. What choice does he have after he’s decided to stay in?".

Caroline's response was to the point:


"He does have other choices!"

Zara then went on to say that while she was sad to leave the show, it would be unfair of her to ask Adam to miss the experience and that while he's in there, he has to do what he has to do.

She also said that she would love to see him again because he was so "amazing" to her and what they had was "genuinely so real".

Now that's all that grand and everything but it doesn't look as though Adam is pining over Zara in the same way and has been pretty quick to move on when all is said and done.


It will be interesting to see if the romance between Daryelle and Adam continues and if he and Zara actually do reunite when he exits the villa.