Lucie Donlan and Joe Garratt reunited on Love Island Aftersun and we're BAWLING 1 year ago

Lucie Donlan and Joe Garratt reunited on Love Island Aftersun and we're BAWLING

What would you do if you were in Michael's shoes?

We've some serious predictions ahead of tonight's episode PLUS, what we really think of Curtis and Maura.

It's all on our show below.


Lucie Donlan and Joe Garratt were reunited on Love Island Aftersun last night, and it was emotional.

The pair discussed what it was like for Joe when he left the show.

Lucie asked him: "Was it weird watching me stay on there?"

He replies: 'Yeah because I forgot I was even in there."

Joe replied as anyone would: "Yeah that definitely took me by surprise."


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After that nailbiting vote, Joe has unfortunately left the Love Island villa♥️?We want to thank all of Joe’s followers for their endless support. We also want to wish the remaining islanders the best of luck in the rest of the programme, especially @lucierosedonlan who Joe genuinely cares for and enjoyed his time with??‍♀️ Speaking on behalf of Joe’s best friends, we acknowledge Joe will come out to some warranted criticism. However, we deem the majority of it to be unfair and non representative of Joe’s true character. The producers have the ability to show someone in a particular light, choosing just 45 mins of footage from 24 hours to tell a certain narrative. Joe will know he is coming home to the best family and group of friends about. We are all buzzing to see our boy. But from #thesandwichman.... that’s a wrap ♥️??

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Fair. It took us by surprise too.

As we all remember, Lucie was torn between Tommy and Joe in the first week of Love Island.

Eventually, Lucie decided to couple up with Joe, leaving Tommy to couple up with Molly Mae.

Before Joe was dumped from the villa he expressed his concern about Lucie's friendship with Tommy, admitting that he felt she still had feelings for him.

That didn't really go down well, but we don't necessarily blame him.

Will these two reunite in the real world? We hope so.