How the madness of the Toy Show was summed up in a single moment 3 years ago

How the madness of the Toy Show was summed up in a single moment

It's Ireland; it's the Late Late Toy Show... and naturally enough - Twitter is on absolute fire.


Yup, with much of the nation glued to their television sets to see what very much remains a much-watch programme, understandably plenty of viewers were taking to social media to share their initial thoughts and feelings.

And - as to be expected - much of the ongoing observations were tongue-in-cheek in nature.

With the hashtag #latelatetoyshow trending with aplomb, adorable four year old Lila Daramola from Sallins, Co Kildare, got the show on the road.


However, the act that succeeded her was really something rather special. Step forward a certain absolutely adorable young boy, who arrived on set in a bat mobile.

Indeed, within moments, Mr Tubridy dragged the unassuming Tadgh around the Montrose studio floor while squabbling over a superhero toy... thus the wonder and madness of the occasion was summed up in a single moment.


On Friday evening, the Late Late Toy Show - always wonderfully festive entertainment - had opened with particular enthusiasm.

Yup, the kids, the music, the choreography, the costumes, Ryan Tubridy as a crab in a top hat and Converse... there was something for everyone.


Suffice to say, we were utterly glued to our screens.