There's been a huge Game of Thrones 'spoiler' leaked and we're not ok 2 years ago

There's been a huge Game of Thrones 'spoiler' leaked and we're not ok

"This is huge!"

Set photos that appear to hint at a huge spoiler for Game of Thrones' eighth season have made their way online - and it's looking pretty grim for some fan favourites.

While the HBO epic won't return to televisions screens until some point in 2019, filming for the final season is well and truly underway.

And this latest sighting from the set could potentially really change the game.


The rest of this story contains possible spoilers for Game of Thrones, season 8. 

Don't go any further unless you want to see spoilers. 

Season seven left off with a number of characters in jeopardy after The Night's King swooped in on an undead Viserion and knocking down part of the wall.

And the ominous last shot of the series showed the White Walkers heading towards the North and beginning their invasion of Westeros.

While that was a game changer in itself, the latest photos from the set hint at something huge that is still (possibly) to come.

It looks like that Winterfell is going to catch fire in the next series.

And not just a small fire - the home of House Stark is totally  engulfed in flames. Enough to potentially destroy it for good.

Social media users have hinted at the size of the shoot, which has been taking place at Moneyglass Estate in Co Antrim over the last few weeks.

One twitter user said that more than 200 extras were seen on set in a huge battle scene in recent weeks.

The reason why Winterfell is in flames still isn't clear (wildfire? blue dragon fire? a misguided attempt at a trap? caught in the crossfire of dragons?) but it's not looking good.

The ancestral home of House Stark has felt like its own character since the series kicked off - especially since Littlefinger pretty much started the War of the Five Kings from its grounds.

So, to possibly see its walls crumble once and for all...we're just not ready for it.