Maura Higgins is getting her own reality TV show - without Curtis 11 months ago

Maura Higgins is getting her own reality TV show - without Curtis

Givin' us fanny flutters, this news.

Maura Higgins is going to get her own reality TV show and yes, your Wednesday morning did just get a whole lot better.

The series is set to focus on the model's life since leaving the villa, the array of bookings she has received since her stint on Love Island, and her ability to make even the Longford accent sound positively delightful.

Sounds like it'll be class in fairness. Just what we needed in this post-Maura slump, etc.

One thing missing from Maura's upcoming show, however, is Curtis Pritchard.

The professional dancer, who came fourth with Maura when the pair coupled up towards the end of the series, will not be featuring in the show - mainly because producers are aware that Love Island relationships tend to strain when they're given their own series.

Can't imagine why that would be.

The Sun reports that The Maura Show (not actual title) will see the ring girl engage in a plethora of activities including bungee jumping, pottery, and eh, some other random shite that will make for vaguely good TV.

The concept behind the series is that Maura has got a bucket list of tings that she wants te do before she's turty - so naturally ITV are going to help her out with that.

"While her and Curtis are still together, no-one really knows what the future holds for them as a couple so producers are focusing on Maura," a source told the publication.

Maura has already landed herself a role on This Morning as an agony aunt, so it's safe to say that the Longford lass is sticking her fingers firmly in whatever pies she can.

Fair play to her.

Milk it, love.