Maya and Jacob just got caught in bed together and Twitter was off the chain 3 months ago

Maya and Jacob just got caught in bed together and Twitter was off the chain


It happened, guys.

It finally happened.

After weeks of threats, months of speculation, and what felt like years of yearning, Maya was finally caught in bed with Jacob.

During tonight's episode of Emmerdale, the pair were in bed in Jacob's room when Liv decided to call round and confront her boyfriend about the way he had been acting.

The schoolgirl had previously offered to have sex with Jacob despite being asexual herself, believing that she wasn't enough for him.

Rather, Jacob was just so hung up on Maya that he couldn't see anything past his groomer.

Tonight, Liv showed up to the house to see her boyfriend and discovered Jacob semi-naked outside his room.

She demanded to know who he had been cheating on her with and before Jacob could stop her, she barged into the room and saw Maya trying to sort herself out.

Yeah, honestly.

Liv was understandably shocked by the whole scenario. Maya tried to deny that anything was going on but Jacob eventually caved and admitted that they were sleeping together.

Viewers and Liv were both equally in bits at the reveal - but for entirely different reasons.


However, the reveal was short lived as Liv later decided she was going to blackmail Maya, claiming she'd stay quiet if she gave her a cool five grand.

Which, yeah, you know that means that we've still got another few weeks of this to go, lads.

At least someone knows though.

That's a start.