Maya's fate has been revealed on Emmerdale as she appears in court for abuse case 5 months ago

Maya's fate has been revealed on Emmerdale as she appears in court for abuse case

The beginning of the end.

Or rather, the end of the end of the end because this storyline has been promising to be done for the longest time and yet, here we are - still dealing with it.

With us are the soap's entire audience and also everybody in the Dale who is aware of the teacher's sick crimes.

We're all there with her, waiting in the court room, desperately wanting to hear that she's been sent to prison for life, for a good few years, or at least been put on some sort of list.

And tonight, all was revealed.

Maya will receive just 12 months for the grooming and sexual abuse of Jacob, a sentence that many viewers felt was far too short for the paedophile.

Many took to Twitter following the verdict to say that although they were happy she would do some jail time, one year just didn't feel like enough for what she had done.

Especially considering she will absolutely be back sniffing around that poor boy once she's out.

All of this came after the paedophile teacher and her schoolboy victim were caught together during the Big Night Out, leaving the rest of the Dale absolutely shook and Maya in a fair amount of danger.

Because she had been grooming a young boy, so it was warranted.

After that, Jacob still connected with his abuser, saved her from being attacked, and even went in for another kiss despite everything that had been going on.

None of that matters anymore though because she's finally going to prison.

Well, for 12 months. But hey, we all deserve the break.