Miley Cyrus has revealed why her relationship ended with Liam Hemsworth 5 years ago

Miley Cyrus has revealed why her relationship ended with Liam Hemsworth

She has spoken about it for the first time.

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth were engaged a few years ago and then broke up out of the blue. They had been dating for three years before announcing their engagement in 2012, only to break up the following year. The couple didn't release any statements about the split at the time and just went their separate ways.


Then, in 2016, they confirmed that they were back together. They appear to be happier than ever, but people have still always wondered what happened between them and why they broke up.

She joined Howard Stern on his radio show SiriusXM and revealed the reason.

"I had to. I don’t like when relationships are two halves trying to make a whole. That's when someone's like, it's that, 'I can't eat, I can't sleep'. Well, that's because you're so used to depending on someone else.

So, I don’t think that I have that co-dependency. I'm super stoked to have a normal [relationship]."

She then added:


"I think people that break up and get back together, that’s awesome.

You get time to be yourself. You get time to grow up. I think if you’re growing up attached to another person, you never really get solid as your own being."

She also told the story of how Liam bought his house in Malibu, while they were broken up, but never knew that it was the house where Miley had recorded her first album. Now, she too is living in that house which inspired her hit track Malibu.