Rory's replacement on Mrs Brown's Boys has been found 4 years ago

Rory's replacement on Mrs Brown's Boys has been found

That was quick.

Rory Cowan decided to quit Mrs Brown's Boys on Sunday night and the actor who plays Agnes' son, Rory, completed his last and final show at the 02 in London.


The news came as a big shock to the Mrs Brown's Boys faithful and left a lot of people scratching their heads wondering why he left and if it would be the end of the show.

Cowan revealed that he quit the show because he was too bored on tour and said that he now felt like a civil servant in the show that brought him to fame.

However, Cowan's departure does not mean the end of the road for Mrs Brown and her family and Brendan O' Carroll has announced that for the time being, the character of Rory will be played by a very familiar face.

Pat 'Pepsi' Shields, will replace Cowan and take on the role of Rory for the remainder of the Mrs Brown's Boys shows.

'Pepsi', is best known for playing Mark Brown on the show but Shields will be forced to switch places in order to play the role of his brother on the show.

However, Shields has also played Rory Brown before so he should be able to slot into the character of Rory easier than most.


According to Irish Mirror, In his official statement, Brendan said:

"For the four remaining venues in November and December the role will be played by Pat "Pepsi" Shields who played Rory before Rory made it his own.

He quipped: "Following plastic surgery the new Rory will be unveiled on Christmas day in the Christmas special."