Neighbours is about to get its first ever spin-off 3 years ago

Neighbours is about to get its first ever spin-off

Spiiiiiiin-offs, everybody needs good spiiiiiiiiiiiiiin-offs...

The first episode of Neighbours aired in 1985, and there have been over 8,000 episodes of the show since then.


It is part of an ongoing battle that is attempting to divide mankind right down the middle - Tayto versus King, Oasis versus Blur, Sonic versus Mario - each one kicked off several decades ago, and each argument still going strong to this day.

However, Neighbours may now have a foothold over Home & Away, thanks to its first ever spin-off, titled Neighbours: Erinsborough High.


The high-school-based show will run parallel to the main show, initially kicking off with a five-episode run of 22 minutes each, and "will focus on issues affecting young adults, such as bullying, mental illness, sexuality, cultural diversity, parental and peer pressure, and teacher-student relationships."

Neighbours Executive Producer Jason Herbison said: "It's long been an ambition to delve deeper into some of our workplaces and the characters who populate them."

The spin-off is scheduled to debut on Friday 11 November and... wait... there was a Home & Away spin-off? More than one?

Well then, now we're right back to square one!