Netflix's Babies documentary is making quite the impression online 1 month ago

Netflix's Babies documentary is making quite the impression online

Ah, wudje look.

Earlier this week, Netflix went ahead and released a new documentary called Babies.

The series is, as expected, concerning babies, their development, and all the wonderful ways that their brains change in their first few years on this earth.

Basically, it's like that documentary about dogs that everybody loved... except it's about babies.


The series follows a selection of babies from the day they are born until they hit that crucial stage of living that is The Toddler.

But these babies aren't any regular babies. They're babies who are taking part in some intense research to try and make sense of why they develop they way they do.

Come for the cute babies, stay for the hard science.

And it turns out that, understandably, people are doing just that because the series has already been going down pretty well on Twitter.

The true marker of any piece of content worth its salt, tbh.

The perfect weekend viewing for the broody among us.

The 15 babies come from families all across the globe, with the scientists hailing from the UK, the UK, France, Israel, Singapore, and Canada.

Among them are Susan Hespos, a professor of psychology who is hopeful that the docuseries will do more than just make people want to have their own babies.

“I hope viewers come to appreciate the importance of studying early human development and will participate in research at their local universities,” she said.

You can check out the trailer for Babies here: