New true crime series 'Interrogation' sounds like a total game-changer for the genre 2 years ago

New true crime series 'Interrogation' sounds like a total game-changer for the genre

Peter Sarsgaard? Into it.

Ah, true crime.


The genre that just keeps on giving... and giving... and giving, until seemingly there is not all that much left to give.

Right now may just be that time, as the influx of new documentaries and series we had been so graciously gifted over the past few months has finally come to a stop.

It doesn't mean that there's nothing new to come, it just means that we've been faced with a lull as producers and filmmakers desperately try to figure out what the next groundbreaking true crime series could possibly entail.

And judging by the sound of the upcoming show Interrogation, they may have just about figured it out.

Starring Peter Sarsgaard and created by Anders Weidemann and John Mankiewicz, the series will tell the true story of a lad who's charged and convicted of the brutal murder of his mother.

Sarsgaard will play the detective leading the case, which spanned the length of 30 years in real life, so you know there's a whole lot to unpack here.


Each episode will take place in an interrogation room (hence the show's name), and will feature direct information from actual police reports from the case, allowing audiences to become the detective themselves as they receive each and every piece of evidence.

That's not all though - CBS All Access are planning on making the series a certain way so each episode can be watched in any order.

So if you want to start on episode four and then jump back to episode one before heading onto episode eight, you can.

We know. Mad.


The only episode that'll need to be watched at a specific time is the last one, where everything is inevitably wrapped up and audiences finally figure out what exactly happened.

There's no word of yet as to when this experimental series will be available to watch, but we're crossing all of our fingers that it'll be sometime this year.


You must be.